Hello & Welcome

Prickly Poison brings the best of the internet to one place for our pricks to enjoy.

We sift through millions of pictures, tweets, videos, vines, products, news, and memes daily to bring YOU the cream of the crop on the internet.

Our main priority is you. All the work that is done daily is in hopes that when you visit Prickly Poison, you’ll have a nice laugh, or two.

Fun Facts

  • We are a team of 4 people from all around the world.
  • Our office is located in sunny South Florida.
  • New posts are made daily for your enjoyment.
  • We find our content from over 100 different sources.

Recent Updates

  • Viewers are now able to create their own accounts.
  • Users are able to comment on and favorite posts.
  • Want to submit a picture/meme/vine/video? You can now.
  • HTML 5 games will soon be accessible to all users.

Meet the Team

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” — Vince Lombardi


Co-Founder/Web Design
Entrepreneur at heart. I love cars, and technology and created the website you are on right now.


I'm Klim, owner of the twitter account @miilkkk. I love making people laugh, and provide tons of funny content here.


Social Media
South Floridian born and raised. Hard worker--dedication is key--future nurse.


Content Creator
British YouTuber and full time satire arsehole. I do sketches that are known to push the boundaries of what's acceptable online.