WHAT IS Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird might be the most frustrating game ever made, at least according to Twitter.

Hundreds of people who downloaded the free iOS game have taken to the social network to vent their rage, and it’s easy to see why.

In Flappy Bird you must tap the screen to make the on-screen bird fly higher, and not tap to make him sink lower. Using this you must navigate your sexually ambiguous feathered friend through a series of gaps left between two vertical pipes.

It’s not very good, it’s cheaply made, and parts of it look suspiciously like Super Mario Bros. I played it briefly and hit a high score of six (you’re scored on the number of pipes you pass) pretty quickly, since then however I haven’t passed two.

Then, suddenly, I found myself frustrated, and I understood the first world plight afflicting the Twitter masses. Here are some of the best outbursts.

Some of you may think that you’re pretty darn good at games on your Android. Well, you haven’t played Flappy Bird yet, which has just been ported to Android from iOS beginnings. Following a vaguely similar logic to Jetpack Joyride or Badland, Flappy Bird is a 8-bit retro-styled tap-fest that sees you navigating your bird’s way through pipe obstacles. If, that is, you can make it past the first couple.

Flappy Bird Teaser
There’s not much to Flappy Bird other than crazily addictive and simple gameplay. / © .GEARS Studios

This game is insanely difficult to master, but if you think you’ve got what it takes I’d love to hear your best scores in the comments below. There’s really nothing to it: all you have to do is tap to flap, and make your way through the pipes – the only thing is you can’t just bounce off them like in Badlands, and the control is not as smooth as Jetpack Joyride. This thing is seriously tricky, although all you really have to do is time your taps to happen in between the pipes – basic physics I guess. But it’s still pretty difficult to keep it up for long!

AndroidPIT Flappy Bird
Since this screenshot I’ve hit 19 points, but it cost me my wits! / © AndroidPIT/.GEARS Studios

Flappy Bird also has a bunch of various hacks to bump up your lives to 9999, but I haven’t tested any of those out. There’s no in-app purchases, no ads, no anything really, just infuriatingly simple gameplay and sound effects. There’s medals to win at various intervals, but I’m so far away from the podium I can’t even see the finish line. At best, you can share your embarrassingly low scores via Google Play Games.

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